Saturday, April 20, 2013

Working MLM the Right Way

Be assured, Network Marketing is a different formula than the one generally called a pyramid.  

The general public tend to view the latter as one where people at the top make all the money, while those at the bottom do all the work.  Network Marketing however, is also called, referral marketing, cooperative marketing, MLM or multi-level marketing.  It is a business model that is meant to reward you for helping others become successful themselves

People, who are much wealthier than I am, have abandoned what used to be called the "contact friends and family" philosophy, also called the warm market, decades ago because they know it puts undue stress on families and strains relationships. The root cause of this is actually the pitching of a program, or product, without fully understanding it or it's potential. 

Folks are often drawn to the network marketing business for financial independence, but in their haste to succeed, they lose track of what the concept is actually all about. Therefore, we must first learn how to develop what I call, a "You" brand, with your network marketing business strategy. Providing useful information, blogs, articles and newsletters, so good prospects will become interested in what you are selling or promoting, effortlessly. You must set the example, and do more than every member of your team. Participate in every webinar you can find pertaining to your business, or even webinars about self-improvement. Attendance in all the events offered by your main company, if you can, is mandatory. If you don’t, why would anyone else on your team? To be a leader, you must be a professional, and get the knowledge about your network marketing offerings so you'll find success to pass onto others. Know what you are doing so you can teach others how to do it

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