Saturday, October 20, 2012

How to succeed in MLM

Can you guess what the number one complaint MLMers hear is? It's downlines (folks who sign-up below you) angry that their sponsor (you, the upline) never communicates with them.

Imagine. Would you want to make money for someone who gives no support, or any kind of assistance? Of course you wouldn't. Well, it is the same thing with the affiliates you sponsor. If they feel you do not care about them, they will not want to build their businesses because they will not want to see their hard work benefiting some stranger they never hear from. I'm sure you don't want your downlines feeling the same way.

If you're having success signing-up affiliates and then leaving them to figure MLM out for themselves, just quit your business right now, because you are guaranteeing your own failure. See, every affiliate that you sponsor is a virtual goldmine for you. You must embrace  that only if THEY succeed, do YOU succeed. The importance of understanding this rule can't be stressed enough!

I agree it's true that you can't MAKE the affiliates in your downline successful (they must want that for themselves), but don't let them ever say that you weren't there for your affiliates!

The correct start is opening up good lines of communication with all your downlines. This is the way to teach them how to succeed in MLM, and the right way to build relationships with affiliates.

Set up some kind of greeting for your affiliates. This is an easy, automatic way to get off to a great start in building relationships with your affiliates.

After that, you'll want to create some form of regular, ongoing communications, to stay in touch,provide training, and share ideas. I, and many successful MLM experts, recommend a weekly,or maybe even every-other-week, an e-mail using the autosponder system that is supplied by the main compnay. Just enter your message, hit submit, and it automatically sends the message to all of your PSAs (personally sponsored affiliates) and CSAs (co-sponsored affiliates).

 If you're new to MLM and/or business in general, you may feel you have nothing to teach your downlines. No sweat. If you take advantage of what I've been sharing in this blog,and following the training most good MLM companies offer, you will learn and grow into the leadership role over time, however, what you must never do, is allow your affiliates to think their sponsor (you) is uncaring. If you do that, if you do not support your affiliates, success will be a thousand times harder to attain.