Thursday, March 21, 2013

Is an Autoship Necessary?

Marketers new to MLM always ask why do companies require a monthly autoship?

Well, it is Because the members would not buy all of those offersif it was not required of them.

I have had several autoships, and have enjoyed the commissions they brought me, but these same autoships are the reason why many recruits qive up on their MLM opportunity. The autoship requirement gets to a point where it becomes a money drain on their finances. Month after month they pay, but if they can not at least cover their autoship costs with their earnings, then one day they simply say: “I quit!”

Now to limit the pain of paying for an autoship, some MLM companies offer a free component, something like, “your autoship is free if you get 3 customers.” Wow, sounds like a great idea, especially if it is so simple to get customers that anyone can do it, However, there aren't many companies that have a product, or service, with such a huge target market, and a price that is so affordable, that should one of your 3 customers (who is qualifying you for a free autoship) decide to drop out, you'll feel little pain while you're replacing that customer.

But, truthfully, what usually happens to the average person is: They join an MLM company positive that everyone they know, will look at the product, and the income opportunity, with the same open mind, and eagerness, that they had when they were first introduced to it. WRONG! As soon as they realize that it’s going to be harder to recruit other members than they thought, they alter their goals.

The new goal, instead of quitting their job, or the brand new car, or the shopping spree they had planned on, now becomes getting 3 customers, so they don’t have to shell-out for that unrelenting autoship.
That seems like a small goal, and for some folks, it’s easy; but for most, it’s a struggle. They'll listen to their team calls, and watch the training videos, they'll keep their motivation high, trying to get that 3rd one.

Then they will relax. They will feel like they deserve to relax, well maybe they do, but it really is too early to slow down. I liken it to climbing a mountain, and when you finally reach the top, you just relax, but you're there at the very edge of a cliff, because if just one of those three people decides to postpone their autoship, then the free autoship is gone. They’re back paying again. Just imagine this cycle repeating itself over and over again. It’s this kind of frustration that drives people out of the MLM business.

It is my opinion therefor, that selecting a good product, one that you can use yourself, is the way to go.  Don't trouble yourself with it being more expensive than somewhere else. This is your business and any money you spend will come to you multiplied.

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