Sunday, November 25, 2012

It's Not Too Late

I just glanced at the calendar and much to my surprise I realize that 2012 is almost over. It's seems like just yesterday I was putting my Winter clothes away and preparing for Spring, and now the warmer outfits are coming back out.

The next wave of terror that hits me is the fact that my year's work is now coming to a close. But, I calm myself, and set my attention to the task at hand: finish 2012 on a positive.

There are 3 steps I will put in place to insure there is no break in my efforts.

1) Keep doing exactly what I am now doing. Like, keeping my posts current, and informative. I can not miss a beat in my routine, it has to be almost automatic. I must always find time to write.

2) Keep up with my online training. It is the bast training I have ever received. The nights are getting longer now, and outdoor activities are over, so I can bury myself in my learning.

3) Continue searching for a mentor. Surrounding oneself with smart people, who have succeeded in our fields of endeavor is what all the "Gurus" do. It is impossible to do everything by yourself, so reach out to the masters of the industry, Leave no stone unturned.

Until next time, stay hungry my friends.

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